Where to go from here.

For too long, diversity, equity and inclusion have not received the prioritization they deserve. As findings from the Association Forum's Welcoming Environment®️ Research Study indicate, many associations are not meeting the expectations of their members and staff when it comes to creating a more diverse and inclusive organization and culture. In many cases, actions and committees dedicated to these areas become performative and less effective than intended.


How we can help:

  • Address board and volunteer development through the lens of DEI.
  • Embed DEI into core business practices and processes such as membership, communications, meetings and awards.
  • Conduct research and analysis that informs the ongoing work of DEI.


While we strengthen our contributions in these areas, here are some examples of how associations have made an impact:

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Discover recommendations to make a long-term impact on inclusion.

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Representative Leadership: How DE&I Enriches the Membership Experience

Learn how IDSA prioritized representation by redesigning their governance model.

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From Rhetoric to Reality: Diversity and Inclusion in Associations

Explore data from our 2018 EIA Study uncovering DE&I gaps and opportunities to expand.

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