An Essential Time for Associations

In an effort to support associations during this difficult time, McKinley Advisors is partnering with Association Analytics to offer actionable intelligence and timely insights on how organizations and their members' needs are adapting.

Data from associations

This complimentary research provides insight into how the coronavirus is impacting associations, including levels of concern across sectors and operational implications, and featuring a dedicated section that explores a rotation of topics such as ways associations are supporting their members. Results of the study will be shared with you directly to help you:

  • Understand how your organization compares.
  • Monitor changes over time.
  • Learn about new and rapid innovations that are emerging in the industry.

Data from your members

Gaining clarity on the needs of your members is critical. McKinley has developed a brief electronic survey that is designed for convenient, bi-weekly deployment to your members over the course of the pandemic. It measures the impact of the virus, gauges outlook and evaluates how your association can best help  during this time. As a participant in the study, you will be provided with free access to a link to distribute to members and a reporting dashboard of the findings. This one-page information sheet has additional details, including the option for customization should you prefer additional data.